Eyshet F***ing Chayil

(A Woman Of F***ing Valor)

Digital Program


Written and performed by Melanie Ehrlich
World Premiere
2023 Hollywood Fringe Festival
Sunday 6/4, 2PM (Preview)
Sunday 6/11, 12:30PM
Tuesday 6/13, 6:30PM
Sunday 6/18, 8PM
Wednesday 6/21, 9:30PM
The Broadwater Studio, 1078 Lillian WayCREW
ANNA KUPERSHMIDT: Technical Technician/Stage Manager
NATHAN SHAPIRO: Sound Designer/Composer/Story Editor/Male VO


Melanie Ehrlich (Creator / writer / performer)
Melanie won her 5th grade spelling bee and can play the harmonica with her nose, which are arguably the most important things to know about her. An on-camera and voice actor, Melanie portrayed Helen in Sundance Grand Jury Award winner THE MISEDUCATION OF CAMERON POST, Ali on THE OA (Netflix), and most recently Meg, Lil Dicky’s number one fan, on DAVE (FX/Hulu). Behind the mic, Melanie voiced a singing bison (yes, really) on Disney Junior’s P. KING DUCKLING, a loving orc wife in Adult Swim Games’ BATTLE CHEF BRIGADE, and the titular character in FRUM GIRL ADVENTURES, the first video game by and about Jewish woman. Melanie makes her Hollywood Fringe Festival debut with EYSHET F***ING CHAYIL, which she wrote after getting tired of waiting for Hollywood to write roles for Korean-speaking Jewish women.
Nathan Shapiro (Sound Designer / Composer / Story Editor / Additional Voices)
Selected credits:
Off/off-off broadway: The Paradise Factory, Robert Moss Theatre, Davenport Theatre. Other Theatre: Marfa Live Arts, Arts Club Vancouver. TV/film: Disney TV, ABC Entertainment.
Selected awards: Bill Millerd Award for Excellence in Sound Design (Arts Club Vancouver), Gold Award for Best Score (International Gold Awards). When he’s not working, Nathan enjoys spending an irresponsible amount of money on obsolete 80’s audio gear. EFC is Nathan’s LA theatre debut. #WGAStrong
Anna Kupershmidt (Technical Technician / Stage Manager)
Anna is excited to make her Fringe debut as a Technical Technician / Stage Manager for The Broadwater.
Stage Manager Credits:
The LACC Theatre Academy: ‘Pride and Prejudice 2018’, ‘Autoplay 2018’, Dance Concert Fall 2018 & Spring 2019, ‘Hot L. Baltimore 2019’, ‘Post Pinocchio 2019’, ‘Student Directed One Acts 2020’, ‘Stand & Deliver 2020’ and most recently ‘Kinky Boots 2023’.
She has worked with Public Works Improvisation Theatre & Paul Sand Projects on its premiere play of ‘The Pilot Who Crashed The Party’, which ran at The Broadwater Theatre (Main Stage) this past April.
The Hudson Theatre: ‘Southern Girls’ and ‘Four Dogs and a Bone’; The Fountain Theatre: ‘Detained 2021’ and ‘Walking The Beat 2019’


There are some words used in this show you might not recognize! Here's what some of them mean:Ba'al teshuvah: In Hebrew, literally "master of return"; a Jew who does not grow up religiously observant but later takes on greater Jewish observance by choice.Chabad: A large Hasidic movement known for its outreach within Judaism to Jews all over the world.Eyshet Chayil: "The exquisite and multi-layered poem “Eishet Chayil” (“Woman of Valor”), was written by King Solomon as part of Proverbs, a book of great wisdom. We sing this ode to women before kiddush on Friday evening, as we welcome in the Shabbat Queen. On a more esoteric level, some biblical commentators have interpreted “Eishet Chayil” to be a praise of wisdom or Torah." More infoShabbat: Jews who observe Shabbat, the Sabbath, do so from sundown Friday through 25 hours later on Saturday night, during which time they do not work, drive, or engage in certain other activities that could be considered "work"*.
(*It's not really "work", it's "melachot"--but that's a whole other vocab lesson.)
Shavuot: A major Jewish holiday celebrating the receiving of the Torah at Mt. Sinai. Holiday traditions include staying up all night learning, and eating cheesecake (seriously).


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-Each Hebrew letter has a corresponding numerical value, so there are some numbers you'll see come up a lot in Jewish life. One is 18, which is the numerical value of the word chai, "life". Another significant number in Judaism is 613, the number of mitzvot (commandments) in the Torah. Not coincidentally, EFC's show dates include both 6/13 AND the 18th. :)-The drum I play is called a janggoo and isn't it so freakin cool???-Alex Bergman's real name was Andy Goldman, and his 36th birthday would have been June 4th, 2023--the date of EFC's opening performance.


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